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Worker Health and Safety

One of the most important actions and demonstration of concern a company can make is to ensure every worker returns home in the same condition as when they left. The well being of workers and the monetary loss from non-compliance demands focused attention on health and safety (H&S). Developing and maintaining a culture of safety in the workplace absolutely necessitates a structured approach that ensures H&S requirements are understood and lived by all workers.

Audit Preparation

Every company has areas critical to their success. Any function which keeps the business successful, for example data, processes, or security management, should receive the highest level of scrutiny. To satisfy both internal and external demands, these success factors should be periodically audited and reviewed. This means implementing a simple but effective audit program.

Software License Management

Every company has software to support operations or systems. A software license is the legal right to use this software according to the vendor's terms and conditions. Not adhering to a license agreement has compliance and monetary ramifications. A software license management or governance plan greatly reduces the chance of an expensive compliance issue and helps save money by purchasing and using only licenses that are necessary.